The Parish Council have received confirmation from Vernon Loo and the EWR Alliance on Tuesday afternoon (23rd March) that the proposed bell-mouth entrance at EWR Compound B6 on Bletchley Road is now no longer required and will not go ahead as proposed.

The Parish Council have been working with EWR since the proposal was first planned when we questioned why this proposal was necessary, then considering that HGV vehicles were now using the haul road and the existing entrance without any problem.

We are pleased that EWRA have taken notice of ours and residents concerns and are pleased that they have discussed these with their programme and design departments resulting in this welcome decision that the work is no longer required.

The decision after many weeks of discussions between ourselves and EWR Alliance is one that we feel has benefits for all concerned. The decision not to provide these works has the meant costly road, construction, signalling and ducting works and ultimately reinstatement costs have been saved with out the removal of trees and shrubs on the protective bund.

But most importantly, it is very welcome news for the residents of the cottages in Bletchley Road, especially number 120. The resident would have had the proposed haul road only 12 metres from their property and the un-acceptable associated noise, vibration and pollution issues.

This decision is one piece of good news for all residents, in a year of considerable uncertainty with the volume of work and other proposals in this area of our village.

A mention of thanks must go to Greg Smith MP and Ian Kelly his Parliamentaly Assistant, for their continued support in this and other issues like the Gas Terminal and state of the roads we in the village are facing at present.

Below is the formal notification from East West Rail to nearby residents.

EWRNotification B6 Bellmouth