Letter from East West Rail/Network Rail about proposed 24/7 closure of Bletchley Road/Newton Road for rail bridge works 22nd February to 1st April.

Note: Whaddon Road is due to re-open on 13th February, even though the letter below implies 15th February.

East West Rail/Network Rail have today (8th February) sent the parish council a letter they say they will be posting to all homes in Newton Longville "this week". It notifies a delay of one week, so instead of being from 15th February until 22nd March, it is now proposed to be 22nd February until 1st April. The parish council are having ongoing discussions about the proposed closure as we do not believe adequate arrangements have been made for pedestrians, cyclists and mobility scooter users.This is an update to our previous article with the first letter and how to complain about it

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