Today (27th August) Buckinghamshire Council have emailed an update on Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan (VALP) saying:

"As requested by the inspector, the Council is producing responses to the issues raised in the main modifications consultation which took place late last year. As set out in previous updates, during the consideration of the issues raised in representations earlier this year, it was identified that further transport modelling should be carried out to support the existing evidence base. As well as this, additional work has also been required due to recent changes in expected housing delivery which will also be submitted to the inspector.

This process is nearing completion, and once finalised, the responses report will be sent to the Inspector for his consideration, along with the additional evidence documents which will also be published on the examination website.

It is anticipated that the information will be submitted to the inspector in September, but please continue to check the website for updates. The inspector will then decide on the next stages of the process which could include further consultation/reopening of the hearing sessions, or he may proceed straight to writing his final report. Again, the website will be updated as further information becomes available."

More details about the VALP Examination may be read on the Examination webpages at: VALP Examination webpage also see the various links on the right hand side of this page to other relevant information.

Newton Longville Parish Council submitted detailed comments on the Main Modifications suggested by AVDC. It also asked the Planning Inspector to reopen the public hearing. Many others made similar requests, including Milton Keynes Council, it is thought very likely the Inspector will reopen the hearing but he may also require Buckinghamshire Council to undertake more consultation as a result of the additional transport modelling. When more information about VALP is available we will update this website.

Background information about VALP

Buckinghamshire Council (previously AVDC) is preparing its Local Plan which sets out the scale and distribution of new development for the period 2013-2033. This plan is currently subject to an examination by an independent planning inspector who has identified the need to increase the level of growth in locations adjacent to Milton Keynes. The inspector agreed with AVDC that 500 more houses would satisfy his requirement, however AVDC are now proposing 1,150 houses.

AVDC’s proposals include allocating a site at Whaddon for 1,150 houses. They are calling this “Shenley Park”, it is just north of Bottledump roundabout and west of Tattenhoe Park and Kingsmead in Milton Keynes. AVDC also considered sites at Salden Chase “Phase 2” and at Eaton Leys, as shown on the map below. Developers promoting those sites have each made a case to the Inspector why their sites are better.

The map below shows the three sites considered by AVDC, the map was produced by MKC, the annotations were by NLPC in a leaflet issued to promote a public meeting on 3rd December 2019 about the VALP Main Modifications consultation. In relation to Salden Chase this refers to the developers having six months to appeal the refusal by MKC, on nearly the last possible day to do so, they did submit an appeal. The refusal by MKC is now being defended by MKC, supported by Newton Longville Parish Council and West Bletchley Council. A public inquiry on the appeal is due to be held within the next few months.